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Print Statement in Java

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Print Statement in Java

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Md. Fahim Bin Amin
·May 24, 2023·

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For printing something in Java, we normally use the print method. Actually, there are three different print methods in Java and each of them has a different purpose.

Everything regarding the print statement can be found easily with a proper step-by-step explanation in the following video!

The code used in that video is given below:

public class Main {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
//        System.out.print("Hello world!\n");
//        System.out.println("Hello world for the second time!");
//        System.out.println("Md. Fahim Bin Amin");
//        System.out.print("Md. ");
//        System.out.print("Fahim ");
//        System.out.print("Bin ");
//        System.out.print("Amin");
//        System.out.print("Md.");
//        System.out.print(" Fahim");
//        System.out.print(" Bin");
//        System.out.print(" Amin");
//        System.out.print("Fahim   Amin");

The DISCONTINUED playlist can be found here: FahimAmin

The DISCONTINUED GitHub repository is also available here: everything-of-java

Thank you! 😊

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